Dottie is a 1960 Dorsett Catalina.  Seats 4 people comfortably.  This one is great for small children, because there is a small cuddy cabin they think is pretty cool.  If you have three smaller children, they can usually fit across the bench seat in the back.  This is not a great boat for swimming because it’s hard to get in and out, it’s better for cruising.

Jane is a 1958 Geneva.  She seats 4 people comfortable and is also dog friendly.  Jane is also a great boat if you’d like to swim, she’s easier to get in and out of than some of the other Retro Boats.


Ruby is a 1959 Bell Boy Banchee.  She seats 4 people comfortably.  This is our most famous boat, she’s been featured on the cover of the Pure Michigan travel guide and has been used for numerous wedding, engagement and Senior pictures.  Very comfortable boat with extra leg room in the back.  Ruby is good for swimming as well.


Gidget is a 1958 Glastron Fireflight.  She seats 4 people comfortably.  You may swim out of Gidget.

Alice is a 1959 Arkansas Traveler